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Deleting Invoice repricing billing items

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Jwyatt Posted: Wed, Feb 9 2011 3:19 PM

On a couple of occasions we had an invoice which properly had differing rates for an attorney.  One rate for activity prior to a date and another rate for activity after that date.  The current default rate for the attorney is the second (higher) rate.  When we had an occasion to delete the invoice then recreate the invoice, all the billing items with the lower rate changed their rate to the new, higher rate.  This was one invoice which spanned several months which is why it had both rates on the one invoice.

This is unexpected behavior. We have not noticed this behavior in the past but are not for sure this set of circumstances has occurred before. Is the program "re-pricing" the billing items when they go from a "billed" status to "unbilled" and thus assigning the current default rate for that attorney?  If so, I can work around it.

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Jwyatt replied on Wed, Feb 9 2011 4:47 PM

I should have added we use TM 7E, Billing Matters Plus

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It depends on how you have your billing rates set up.  Typically when an item becomes billable again, either through a save and copy or deleting and putting the items back as WIP, the billing item will use the current rate.  If you want to do a mass change back to the original rate you can tag those records and do a mass change.

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