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Printing labels for linked Contacts

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Martina Donagher Posted: Mon, Jun 26 2006 5:20 PM
We are sending letters to the Opposing Attorneys on certain Matter records.  We would like to print labels for the relevant Attorneys but when I go to the label options, only the Attorney's name field is available for putting on the label, not their address.  The remaining Attorney details come from the linked Contact record but is there any way to add linked address fields, like you can with a merge template?



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In order to print addresses from Matter records onto envelopes using the Envelope feature on the Reports screen, you need to have the address information (firm, street, city, state, Zip) in one of the sets of address fields that appear on the list of fields in the Envelope Format window's Field Name pane. Opposing Attorney is one of the standard Address Areas that appear on a default Matter Form in Area 3.

If you have customized the Opposing Attorney area so that it no longer contains the Opposing Attorney's firm, street, city, state and Zip in Area 3, but only a link to the Opposing Attorney's Contact record, then you cannot use an Envelope report to print Opposing Attorney addresses. (You could, however, customize the Matter record to place the Opposing Attorney address in another one of the available address areas.)

If you have the Opposing Attorney's address info somewhere else on the Matter Form, you could use a Merge Template to print envelopes.

If you do not have the Opposing Attorney's address info on the Matter Form, but just a link to the Contact record, you can use a Formattable Clipboard, but perhaps that goes beyond what you were looking for.

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You are correct that linked fields are not available in labels (or envelopes).  You need to use the formattable clipboard, merge, or HotDocs to create the label you want.  You can request Time Matters to add this functionality by sending an email to  Many new features come from ideas submitted by users.

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