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Forum Digests?

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Wayne Wallberg Posted: Tue, Jun 27 2006 4:18 AM

I've just signed up for the new forums.  Congratulations on the new look & software.

However - one thing I notice - and will miss if I can't find a substitute - is the daily digest of message traffic.  I do see several alternatives - a review of unread posts among them.  But this item doesn't seem to fit the same needs.  I tended to review the daily digest and if the topic wasn't interesting I would just skip it by.  I don't need to be reminded that it is an unread topic.

I did notice an item called 'Email Subscription' at the top of certain threads and forums.  I couldn't find and explanation of this item.

Could anyone explain the 'Email Subscription' icon?  And whether this would substitute for the daily digest of the old forums?  Or if there is another technique to achieve this recap?


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There are two way to subscribe via email.  You can subscribe to a forum, which will send an email for each post, or you can subscribe to a thread, which will send an email for each post in a given thread.  There is not a way to receive a digest at the present, although there always remains the possibility that we may find a plug-in at some time in the future to provide this type of capability.

You may find it more convenient to use an NNTP newsreader (such as Outlook Express) to review the posts, as you can then retrieve all of the posts on demand without flooding your main email account.

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Another approach is to use the Posts you have not read link on Forums home page. Whenever you want it will give you a list of the most recent posts. Also, at the bottom of each Forum is a Forum Options link. Click it and at the bottom right is a Mark all read button that has the effect of removing all the posts in that Forum from the Not Read page.

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