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Using Custom Forms with triggers and auto-entry forms

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KimDillon Posted: Tue, Jun 27 2006 11:43 PM

We use TM 6e.

What I am trying to do is create an automated TM message going to two specific people when a particular type of custom form has been completed.

I created a form called "Client Rev" and have created the code REV, but I can't get the combination right for the trigger and auto-entry form to send the message to the people. What I'd really like is if once they click to add a custom form they enter the REV code the description and their staff initials it changes Notify to checked and enters the initials of the people I want notified and changes the Enter Form to the "Client Rev" form. Is this possible?

I have set the same thing up in notes, anytime a note with a specific code is entered it sends a message to someone.

Sorry if this is a duplicate post.

Kim Dillon Keating & Associates, Inc. Manhattan, KS
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When you say you want it to create an auto-entry form, what type of record do you want the trigger to create.  Do you want to send an email or a messenger message.  If the answer is messenger message, your trigger does not need to check the notify checkbox and does not need to use an auto-entry form.  One of the options for a trigger is to send a message (via the messenger).  You have to choose who thoe message recipients are but it will do exactly what you describe.

Kelly Leeman Information Services Associates, Inc. Hillsboro, Oregon

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KimDillon replied on Wed, Jun 28 2006 5:21 PM

Thanks!  That got it!

Kim Dillon Keating & Associates, Inc. Manhattan, KS
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