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Importing from Outlook 2000 OR understanding Outlook 2000

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KHarper Posted: Wed, Jun 28 2006 4:24 AM
I have been using TMW for years, currently using ver. 7.  We have some new people who are currently sharing our office space.  They were running Outlook 2000 for their calendar and email.  As I understand it, this means they must have had Windows Server 2000 and/or Exchange Server--a setup I've never tried to understand.  In connection with their move, and at least partly at my suggestion, they've upgraded some computers and are now running Windows XP.  When I helped them set up their networking behind a firewall, their Outlook didn't load correctly; I suspect that in the move they ditched the Server software.  Hopefully, they didn't ditch the database.

I have recommended TMW7 to them anyway; am I correct that, if their data is intact, it can be imported into TMW7 (which then could run in an XP peer-to-peer environment?

Can anyone comment on whether Outlook 2000 can run in a networked mode on a  Win XP peer-to-peer? I've always understood it couldn't share the necessary files without Server or Exchange Server.

Kurt Harper Attorney Wichita, KS
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To my knowledge,  Exchange Server is required run a networked Outlook Contact, Calendar, and Email database.  The standard desktop version of outlook will not allow for multiple networked users.  The process of moving their old data and getting them setup on Time Matters should be fairly routine for a Time Matters CIC.  My suggestion would be to get a CIC involved and get them going on Time Matters. 

Art Roehrenbeck HMU Consulting, Inc. Practice Management CIC Columbus, Ohio P 614-340-3444
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Many people use Outlook without Exchange and just enter the same appointment into many calendars.  If that's the case, importing into Time Matters will create duplicate entries that need to be removed.  It's also possible to share a calendar without Exchange, but dicey. 

Generally speaking, it's easy to import Outlook data into Time Matters.  The trick is to get the data out of however many Outlook databases there are, and get it into Time Matters so that it's functional.  How much work that would entail requires looking at their system.


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