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Listing vendor for expense on bill

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Duy Thai Posted: Wed, Jul 12 2006 11:26 AM
I'm trying to edit a bill layout so that each expense item also shows the vendor for that expense.  Under the "expenses itemized" list on the right side, there doesn't seem to be any choice for "vendor."  There are several user# fields, but I don't know what that relates to, as there are no user# fields on a Billing Item record. As for the "Contact" list on the right side, I'm not sure what that refers to either, as vendors are not Contacts in Billing Matters Plus.
Duy Thai San Francisco TM/BM+
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Duy, I appears that you have discovered how to select the Layer "Expenses", click in the Expenses Itemized area and find the Expenses Itemized choices.  Now let find the User # fields.

From a Billing Item Record click on View from the Menu Bar and select "User Area" from the list.  You now have expanded the Billing Item to include the User fields 1 through 8.  You could create a Calculated Field in one of the User Fields that would copy the contents of  theVendor Field.

Field -Vendor   

Operator- Append

Field - User 1

Back in your Layout add the User 1 field into the Expense Itemized Layer. This should work even if then close the User Area under View.

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