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"Invoice" Allocation by Staff (??)

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seaves Posted: Thu, Aug 17 2006 7:01 PM

We need to determine the value of fees actually billed (not worked) by each staff member on a monthly basis.  For example, some clients require quarterly billing, which means that all time worked during a month is not actually billed that month.  Is there a report that will provide this information? 

I would think the report would be very similar to the standard report, Receipt Allocation by Staff.  Instead of allocating amounts received, it would simply allocate amounts actually billed (or invoiced).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sandy Eaves
Beaumont, TX

TM/BM Plus 7.0 Professional

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I use the Profitability Report by Staff for that data. The second column is Billed Value. I suggest you test it against some known data to be sure it is giving the information suggested by the column header.


Jeff Wyatt

McMahon Law Firm
Abilene, Texas

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If I could make another suggestion, Time Matters has provided the report design for profitability reports as a transfer file. With that report format, you can select records from the billing item list, and report on only the records tagged. For instance, you can filter the billing item list for items billed, with the 'invoice date' (sent date) within a date range. That way the actual value of worked, and billed for only BILLED items can be reported on. Hope that makes sense. Go to the Time Matters website and log in. Go to updates and service releases. Page down till you get to the Report Package. It's really wonderful that that tool has been made available. I push it on all my clients ;)

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