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GL AR not posting after running Billing

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StacyB Posted: Tue, Oct 10 2006 1:01 AM

We've recently run our "maiden" billing through Billing Matters Plus, all accounts billed show an AR however, when I go to run my GL Distribution Report (AR), nothing happens.  What is happening and how do I correct it?

Additionally, some of the bills (through Billflow) show the bills were posted while others show "ready to bill" yet, all accounts have AR's --- how do I get those bills to show "posted"?

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I assume that the accounting is done on a "cash" basis. What does this mean? Well to over simplify...your general ledger is only affected by "cash" transactions. Said another way, you only pay income tax when you receive cash. If this is the case, creating a bill is not a "cash" transaction and does not affect your general ledger. This means, there is nothing to post.

The process to create bills is..

Pre-Bill (not necessary though) - create Bill - post Bills

Bills can be posted from the billing drop down - post/undo bills. I would examine the AR tab of the matters that you are unsure of what has happened. That should get you started. Post back any further questions.


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