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Dera Pease Posted: Tue, Oct 10 2006 10:03 PM

I have read prior posts and understand that fees need to be allocated to client, staff or bill code. Using file, set-up, general, program level, billing tab, billing tab, receipt allocation:  I have "client".  However, I still have errors- missing GL accounts.  Any assistance as to why this is happening and how to correct these errors so that I may post would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Dera Pease

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You must make sure that each client or matter has a GL Account set up on the Accounts Receivable tab of Billing Preferences.  Most firms use the client option when they are recording fee income by client/matter type.  For example, the GL has four income type accounts - Income A, Income B, Income C and Income D.  You would attach the correct income type account to each client/matter.   Let us know if you have further questions.
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Just to add to Deanne's comments. You can look at each matter's billing preferences but to make it even easier you can:

  1.  add the GL field to your matter list, then scroll own and look for any matter that is without an entry, OR
  2. Search for matters where the GL Account is empty

To alter your list layout, right click on the tab that you are on and select edit columns. In the left column, find the field GL Account (hint, put the cursor in the list and press G..that will take you there. If it does not keep pressing G until you find it) Add it to the right column. If you want to move it up, press up. It will now appear on your list and you can easily find the matters that are missing a GL account.

You can also run an advanced filter to find the matters without a GL Account. From the binoculars drop down, select advanced filter: Enter:

Field                       Comparison
GL Account             IS Blank

Good Luck.


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Finding these things can be very frustrating!  You have noticed the new(ish) feature that tells you what your errors are, right?  (It appears at the very end of the report when you Preview it.)  That helps a lot.

The other thing that helps:  Hire a consultant.  Really, I found that asking Caren Schwartz to look at it has made a lot more sense than my doing it myself (though she probably hates doing it as much as I do!!!).  I'm sure any consultant can help with it, of course.  But they know the system so well that they can often solve these problems in so much less time than I can.  Just a thought....


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