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Client Funds Question

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ARiggans Posted: Wed, Nov 22 2006 4:52 AM

TM/BM v8 Pro

We have several clients for whom we handle collections.  Obviously, those matters on which we are successful have a funds account.  We charge a percentage of the amount collected as our fee.  For the first time since upgrading, we were making disbursements on our collections cases.  We create a "slip" (sorry, former TS user) for the fee, any expenses are already in the system, then we create an invoice from those slips.  We have already done a payment to funds for the amount collected.  Now, we need to pay our client and ourselves.  The client payment is easy; just withdraw it from funds and print a check.  We then did an "apply funds to AR" and paid the invoice we just created.  We then did our deposit and thought that would be the end of that - case over; all funds where they were supposed to be, etc.  However, when we run a client ledger for that account, we show a balance still in the funds account equal to our fee.  The AR ledger shows the invoice and the payment, but the funds account still shows a balance in the fund account.  What are we missing?  Shouldn't the funds account show a zero balance at this point?  When we do a withdrawal instead of an apply funds transaction, the funds account shows a zero, but that requires us to receive a payment before we can apply it to the AR.  Consequently, we aren't saving any steps by having an integrated program.  What are we doing wrong?

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First, make sure that when you did the Pay to A/R you took the money out of the correct client funds account. If that is not the issue the the next questions is, After you finished the transactions did you post the bill? Go to report - standard reports, then click on the transactions tab. Choose Billing (A/R) G/L Distribution Detail. Preview the report and, if it is correct and balances then post. Then check the client ledger.


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You may also be running into one of the bugs in BM+. I've had to call tech support twice for a similar problem. On the plus side, they are very helpful in getting the funds balance fixed.
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