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"Missing General Ledger Account" Error on GL (AR) Distibution Report

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Stanley Posted: Sun, Feb 18 2007 11:57 PM
I receive the above referenced error when I run the GL (AR) Distribution Report.  Actually, that error is repeated over and over again with respect to all of my deposits and payments.

In a test matter I have entered a billing record, billed that matter, entered a payment, and deposited the payment.  Then I tried to run the GL (AR) Distribution Report for the specific day of the test transaction and still get the error.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong or where to look?


Randall Perrier
Houston, Texas
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Jwyatt replied on Mon, Feb 19 2007 3:39 PM

If things used to work fine and now you are getting this message I don't have an opinion. If this is the first time you have been running the report and are getting the message I do have a place you might look.

When a billing code is created it should be associated with a GL account at that time. Thus, when you start to create a billing record, you select a billing code then a description, length of time, rate etc. When that billing record is billed and subsequently paid the computer knows which GL account to assign the revenue to.

You can check if the code is associtate with a GL account by going to File/Setup/Codes/Billing Codes. Find the code in question, highlight it, hit the triangle icon at the top to "change" it and you will be where you can view its properties. Go to the second tab called Options and in the middle of the page is a box called GL Account. There should be a valid account listed for that code. The same would be true for all codes.

One problem if memory serves, is that if you create a billing record with a billing code that has no GL account associate with it just going back and fixing the billing code will not change the billing records which were billed while the code had no GL code.

Jeff Wyatt
McMahon Law Firm
Abilene, Texas

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Part of this post is not accurate. The GL accounts are added at the time the GL distribution reports are ran. So fixing a GL account now will fix it for all billing entries that have not been posted regardless of how it was set when the billing entry was created and/or billed.

To find the missing GL accounts, you have to examine how you allocate to the GL. Program Level setup-Billing-Receipt Allocation Method. You allocate fees and expenses.  How ever these are set, you need to follow through and ensure the proper GL accounts are set at the proper level. So:

Staff         - database-staff
Bill Code - Bill Code
Matter/Client - Matter billing preferences

Beyond that you need to have the proper GL Accounts set up under the GL Accounts. Program Level SetUp-Billing - GL Accounts. All of the fields must be filled in.

If you need further instructions, let us know or if you still cannot figure it out, let us know.


Matt Stone, LLB
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