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Setup Accounting

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Jeff Salutz Posted: Tue, Mar 13 2007 11:53 PM
I'm considering activating the accounting part of BM 8.0 pro. We have been using the billing now for a few weeks and have posted bills and payments. I'm just interested in some improved reporting by using the accounting module. I think I will still use Quickbooks for my accounting. Any problems with doing this. I noticed a warning about changing GL accounts after bills have been posted.

Jeff Salutz
Salutz & Salutz LLP
Manitowoc, WI 
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Jeff, activation Accounting will require setting up a chart of accounts and starting over with your GL settings. Also you may have missing GL Accounts in posted Bill Codes etc. That would have to be cleaned up. 

You did not mention if you are linking to QuickBook.  If so, you can not do both.  You may find it more work than you might care to take to setup Accounting just for reports.  Billing Matters Accounting is an ingterated system that requires posting to a General Ledger for many of the reports to work.  Any reporting on the AP side would require a checking account and most likely double entries in your Quickbooks and Billing Matters program.

Options might be to get familiar with the QuickBooks link and to see if your reporting can come from Quickbooks.  Also there are Consultants available to give you enhanced reports from your current database.

You might want to go through the Tutor database and identify which reports you want and then determine if the data for these reports is coming strictly from the Accounts Receivable side (Billing) and/or Accounts Payable (Accounting) side.

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