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No Import of Billing Codes

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Troy Clarence Posted: Mon, Mar 19 2007 11:55 PM

Hi, I just installed TM/BM+ 8.0 and successfully imported a QuickBooks Chart of Accounts and then my version 7.0 data. The only thing that did not import was my list of Billing Codes and I have no idea why.  Running Windows XP Pro on SONY VAIO laptop.  How can I get my Billing Codes to import from version 7.0 to 8.0?

Methods tried to no avail:

  1. Used a custom export template from 7.0, but that just exported all the codes on each of my billing records, not the list of Billing Codes.
  2. Used the Package Feature in 7.0 to create a delivery package to be imported by 8.0.  Get error message in 8.0 saying package versions are incompatible.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Troy Clarence
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Troy W. Clarence
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Normally a conversion from TM/BM 7.0 to 8.0 will bring over all the Billing Codes. What you could do now, short of recreating them, would be the following. This solution will only work if you have not changed any Codes in TM/BM 8.0 since you did your conversion. Also, it involves some risk and you may be better off working with Time Matters Tech Support or a CIC. But if you carefully back up your database, you will minimize the risk.
  1. Back up your real v8 database. Copy the backup file to a safe place.
  2. Import your v7 database again into v8, replacing the v8 data.
  3. Check to see that the Billing Codes converted properly. (If they did not, restore your v8 database and call Time Matters Tech Support or a CIC.)
  4. Copy the codes.tps file from the v8 data folder to another folder (for example, c:\temp) outside of the v8 data folder.
  5. Restore your real v8 database from the backup.
  6. Copy codes.tps from the other folder (for example, c:\temp) into the v8 data folder.
  7. Open v8 and check the Billing Codes. Enter a Billing record and make sure the codes work.
  8. As a precaution, backup your database again using a different filename
  9. Turn on the Auditing feature. In case you discover a problem later, the Audit log can help you deal with it.

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Thanks for this suggestion, it worked great...with one minor note:

Codes.tps appears to store all the codes (autotxt, classification, phase, & relationship) found under SETUP except the biling codes.  I found those to be stored in billingcode.tps.

Troy Clarence
Law Office of Troy W. Clarence
4643 S. Ulster Street
Denver, CO  80237


Troy W. Clarence
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