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Back Date Checks

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jkdeaton Posted: Fri, Mar 30 2007 7:25 PM

I recently switched to BM+v.7 for my accounting from another accounting program.  Although I did not start using BM+ until after the start of my accounting year, I want to recreate historical records from my other accounting program to BM+ beginning January 1.  Specifically, there are matters for which I am automatically applying Funds balance to A/R (which will write a check automatically from Trust Account to Operating Account upon billing).  I have determined how to change the invoice date to match the historical record.  I also see how to change the check date to the actual check (written from the other program) date.  After posting the backdated invoice, the check is automatically generated using the date specified (BTW, I am printing just on plain paper, then destroying because the actual check has already been written, deposited, etc.)  My issue is that the Invoice List shows the invoice as of the back date, the Transaction list shows the receipt on the back date, but the account register has the check showing on the date I actually "print" the check, not the date I specified for the check to use.  Is there a way to enter historical transactions using this method, or am I stuck with having to go into each matter and do a withdraw funds from Trust with the date of the original check written from my previous program?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John K. Deaton

Law Office of John K. Deaton

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