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A/R aging question

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Jwyatt Posted: Fri, Jun 1 2007 9:04 PM

I have several invoices (bills) unpaid by our clients dated 4/30/2007. Some of these show their aging as Current and some show as 30 Days.


Although I suspect if I do a database maintenance and select update aging that these invoices would all be in the 30 day column I still have two questions:


1) does anyone know when the aging is "updated"? Is it done once a day at midnight, is it done on the fly everytime I open a Matter and click on the A/R tab, is it not done until a new bill is run for that matter?

2) I know TM stores dates using a number such as April 30 = 75363. Is the aging a simple subtraction of today's date/number from the invoices date/number? i.e. 75395 - 75363 = 32?


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Jeff - did we all ignore you entirely? I apologize for that. To answer you as best  I can, you seem to have the right idea - the professional version of Time/Billing Matters uses a number to represent a set past date, and then assigns a corresponding number to each dated record, such as an invoice. But, your enterprise version should be using an 8-digit date field.  At a program level, you defined how many days constitute each of the aging brackets. (File> setup> general> program level/billing tab.) If your invoices are falling into incorrect brackets, you'll want to run the re-index. If that doesn't fix it, you'll want to call Time Matters support, or a consultant who can tell you what steps to take next. The 'aging' is adjusted, I believe, at the same time the following updates to the current date, when you enter the program.

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