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Best Practice for Server Upgrade, Add World

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Art Roehrenbeck Posted: Fri, Jun 8 2007 12:16 AM
My firm is currently running TM8e, and we have purchase a new Server (hardware), as well as World Server 8.  I am guessing it may be somewhat routine to migrate servers and add World at the same time, and would like input on a best practice on what order to accomplish this. 

My instinct would be to use the following order:

Setup SQL on new Server.
Detach old SQL database.
Attach SQL database to new Server.
Install World Server, pointing to new SQL instance.

Is this the right order?  Are there any other tools i would need besides the orphaned user script from TM Tech Support?

Any help or guidence in this process is greatly appreciated.

Art Roehrenbeck HMU Consulting, Inc. Practice Management CIC Columbus, Ohio P 614-340-3444
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Art, although there are other options I think you have proposed the only real option. I would move Enterprise and ensure it is fully functional and tested. I would then install World on the new server.


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