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Remote Synch Prob - TM8

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Martin Fisher Posted: Fri, Jan 11 2008 2:07 AM

I have TM8 installed to run primary on my desktop and remotely on my laptop.  With one exception, it works great.

I save all of my documents to the server, and I make them all available as offline files.  When I save a new document in TM8, either on my desktop or laptop, it does not appear in the document database of the other. 

For example, I save DOC1 under matter SMITH in TM Desktop.  Then I synchronize the TM remote and host databases, and ensure the offline files are synched (but this happens even when the laptop is connected to the server).  Then go into TM Laptop, select SMITH matter and select Documents - nothing.  DOC1 doesn't exist, according to TM Laptop.  DOC1 does appear in the Document window on TM Desktop.

Everything else synchronizes just fine - contacts, events, etc.  But not documents.



- Martin

Martin M. Fisher Ackley Melendy & Kelly, LLP 30 N. Fifth St. Cottage Grove, OR 97424
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Sounds to me like you did not include documents in the scope of the synchronization. I would suggest you start from scratch and create a new clone file. When creating the clone file, make sure you have included documents in the scope of the synchronization. Be careful about copy the actual documents as it sounds like you are using something else to copy the actual documents.


Matt Stone, LLB
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Hi, Matt!

What is your honest assessment of using the Time Matters synchronization process in order to  "carry" the documents on the attorney's laptop while out of the office.  My suggestion to the client was NOT to synchronize or include documents in the Scope of Synchronization for a couple of reasons.  First, it will take a very long time to synchronize.  There would be downtime at the office waiting for the synchronization to be completed.  Secondly, there is a risk of corruption in the documents.  What are your thoughts about this?

At first I recommended using LogMeIn or another remote access tool instead of synchronizing.  However, the client does not want to allow anyone on the Server.  The laptop is a new purchase and I believe the intention is to use it as a desktop computer, as well.  Thanks in advance for your prompt reply.

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