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Adding a bill through date to custom bill layout

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Jennifer Ahrens Posted: Fri, Jan 16 2009 12:40 AM
Hi, We have a custom bill layout and at the top of the bill before we list the time and hours, we have a line that reads "Professional Services Rendered Through XXX :". We typically save the bill to RTF and then add the date manually. Is there a way to have this automatically populated with the last day of the month that is being billed? For example, if we run a bill for November 2008 - we would want the date to be November 30, 2008. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
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One way to handle this is to go to file - setup - general - program level setup - firm. Choose one of the user fields and put the date in there. Change your bill layout to include this field. Then each month you just update the field.
You can also put the date directly in the bill layout and modify it each month but I find that is more prone to accidentally moving the field or changing something that should not be changed.


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I have been able to set up a bill layout that has a filed for "charges through"  - in the bill designer this is the last field listed in the right hand field selector when you select "this bill" from the pull down list at the top of the right hand column.

Then IF (1) I use the bill flow manager, and (2) apply a filter to the records based on a date range other than "All Dates," the in the create bills dialog box that comes up when you hit print bills (3) select the bill format that I have named "Bill with cutoff date" and (4) on the charges & AR tab select "uses the cutoff date for charges, (which can also be set with the charges range selector on that same tab, and (5) select my bill layout under options tab and "use specified bill layout and profile" the date is automatically filled in when the bill is printed.

All of these options can be saved as a saved bill form.  Also, if you set the billing preferences layout and profile to be the layout with the cutoff  I think you could just use the ad hoc report.

I am not sure if this is documented anywhere, and I am trying to figure out the field code I put on the bill format, but once it's set up it just works.

There are a couple of other routes to get to the same place and now that I've written this down I think I'll experiment a bit with the alternatives.
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