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General Information and Protocols (GIP)

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Thomas L. Rowe, Esq. (Tom) Posted: Wed, Apr 1 2009 4:39 AM | Locked


The purpose of the CIC Product Announcements forums is to provide LexisNexis Time Matters, Billing Matters, PC Law & HotDocs users information about 3rd party solutions that have been developed by CICs to help them better utilize these applications.

This forum is managed and moderated solely by LexisNexis Practice Management Certified Independent Consultants (CICs) and is for the benefit of licensed LexisNexis® Practice Management customers as well as other CICs. CICs are not employees, agents, representatives, resellers, or contractors for LexisNexis®. CICs are independent professionals whose primary focus is the training and support of customers. LexisNexis® provides the infrastructure to host the forum, but does not participate in the management or moderation of the forum.

There is no cost for using these forums and a support agreement is not required.


Product Announcements - any CIC who has developed a publicly available feature package, training manual or guide, add-on application or utility, or white paper may post an announcement regarding the availability of such an product. Each announcement will provide information about the product, the LNPM application is is designed to supplement, and must contain a link to a web site where more information can be obtained and the item can be purchased. The announcements will be made "sticky" and will reside at the top of the forum.

Information requests - in addition to the announcements, forum participants can post questions about any of the products that are the subject of the announcements. In order to establish a positive, constructive environment in which these questions can be answered, all posts are reviewed by the forum's volunteer CIC moderators before being distributed. Message content will not be edited, augmented, or changed. Messages not in compliance with the objectives of the forum will simply not be posted to the forum by the moderators and individuals who repeatedly attempt to post such messages may have their access to the forum restricted or terminated.

Generally, LexisNexis® will not be participating in the forum and participants should not rely on the forum to communicate with LexisNexis® directly. If you have ideas or feedback for LexisNexis® regarding any of the Practice Management products, please follow the procedures established for submitting ideas or comments to the appropriate business unit.

Messages should include your name, firm name, city and state, which version of the product you are running, basic operating and computer system information, plus your current status regarding working with LexisNexis® Practice Management technical support (remember, call technical support first). Anonymous or alias posts will NOT be accepted.

This forum is primarily for getting the most out of the current feature sets and methodologies under existing LexisNexis® Practice Management policies and market conditions.

This forum is not for discussion on matters not directly related to the use of LexisNexis® Practice Management products. Additionally, because CICs have no control over LexisNexis® product pricing, business practices, customer service, or technical support policies, these subjects are outside the scope of this forum.

This forum is not for editorializing, broad qualitative comments, customer complaints, lobbying for particular features or improvements, or otherwise trying to pressure LexisNexis® into a particular course of action.

Terms of Use - Caveat Lector - Reader/Purchaser Beware

This forum should be used at "your own risk." The announcements and the messages it distributes are written by consultants and everyday users of LexisNexis® Practice Management products, who are not under the control of LexisNexis® or the moderators. Neither LexisNexis® nor the moderators endorse any of the products that are the subject of the announcements. No representations are made as to the quality of the products. You should exercise due diligence before you purchase. The benefit you receive from a product may vary depending on your skill level, quality of office hardware and software systems, and/or nature of use of the LNPM applications.

Contributions to the forum are not edited by LexisNexis®, CIC moderators, nor any member of the forum. Subsequently, posting a message, or approval of a message for posting, does not represent an endorsement of the contribution's value, accuracy or reliability. Posted contributions represent only the opinion of their respective authors, and should not be relied upon without verification. Before acting on any idea, suggestion, recommendation, advice, or other information obtained from this forum, you should make a backup of your data or in some other way ensure that your data is protected.

By participating in the forum, you specifically agree to hold harmless anyone who may post ideas, suggestions, recommendations, advice, or other information that may have adverse consequences, direct or consequential. The volunteer CICs moderating this forum and/or LexisNexis® reserve the right to change the requirements and protocols, or end the offering of this forum, at any time without prior notice.

All material in this forum not specifically copyrighted by the author is copyrighted by LexisNexis®. The transmission, transfer, publication, duplication, or reporting of any material obtained from this forum through any means without the express prior written permission of LexisNexis® is strictly prohibited.

Thomas L. Rowe, Esq. (Tom)
CIC/Forum Administrator
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