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Activating Billing Matters 5 Quickbooks Link

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msattys Posted: Thu, Apr 2 2009 1:19 AM

I am hoping there are some veteran consultants out there who can help me with this. Let me give you some explanation first. Several years ago (about 6 it would appear) we signed up for TimeMatters 4. We were using Timeslips as our billing program and linked TM4 to TS9. Then when Billing Matters was released the following year, we purchased the upgrade to TM5 with Billing Matters. We upgraded TimeMatters but never activated BM5 because the switch from a port-to-port network to a server solved the corruption problems that had made us unhappy with TS9. So we never activated BM5, primarily because we either never had an employee to accomplish the switch or the money to hire a consultant to accomplish it. (We were burned by an inept "consultant", when we first setup TM).

Now we are changing the billing methods in the firm and this seemed a good time to activate BM5. So now you know why I am having a problem linking BM5 with Quickbooks Pro 2007. When I started the TimeMatters Quickbook Server I got this error message:

The Quickbooks Link Returned Error Number 80040428

The version of QBMXL that was requested is not supported by this version of the QBXMLRP library.

Is there any hope here or a way to update the library, or will BM5 never link with Quickbooks 2007 and I am stuck using TS9?  I know QB2007 was not out when BM5 was created but my Timeslips 9 link still works with Quickbooks 2007 and its about 5 years older than BM5. 

I am running Windows 2000 but on a server supported network, the TM and QBs files are located on the server. I was activating the link program locally on my computer. The server is running the latest or at least within one edition of the latest Windows server software. Thanks for any help.

Marty Miller
Miller & Shedor, PLLC
Cary, NC 27511

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Marty, I dusted off my Billing Matters 5 Printed Manual to reference the link requirements for QuickBooks. The documentation indicates compatibility for QB 2002/03 Pro, Premier, Enterprise. I have clients using TM/BM 9 that are linked to QB 2007 successfully. Note that the Billing Matters 5 Manual indicates a Copyright Date of 2003. Obviously, quite a few years before QB 2007 was released. I do not believe you will be able to link your current TM/BM5 to the more recent versions of QB. I have TM/BM8 Clients who are linked to older versions of QB and they are aware that if they upgrade to a new version of QB they run the risk of the link not being compatible and no longer being supported.  


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Around QuickBooks 2007 Intuit made some significant changes to the file structure and installation processes. Therefore which QuickBooks 2004 or 2005 and maybe 2006 would probably work, I doubt QuickBooks 2007 will work with your version of Billing Matters.


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