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Problem changing multiple billing item records Charge Status-

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JRMiller Posted: Mon, Apr 13 2009 8:06 PM

TM/BM 8-Pro--Is there a way to change the Charge Status on multiple billing item records without manually opening each billing record and manually changing the Charge Status field?

 I.E.- On a billing record list– is there a way to process multiple billing records to change the Charge Status from Billable to No Charge or visa versa.  When I attempt to tag records on the billing list for a matter by using the process button to change the contents of a field, the only choice seems to be Billing Status as there is no field listed in the process change menu for Charge Status as is labeled on the Billing Record form.  When I do this and create a template and designate the change to be made to the Billing Status field by deleting the contents and replacing it – I cannot input anything but a single letter or number in the space provided for the replaced text.  The form will not accept more than one letter/number -  The best I have been able to do is to delete the contents of the Charge Status field using the Process button feature.

 Any suggestions will be appreciated.

JRMiller James R. Miller, PLLC Grosse Pointe, MI 48230
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Yes, you can do it.  The actual value stored in the field -- as opposed to what you see on the form -- is only a single character.   When you do a Process/Change, use the single character, as follows:

B -- Billable

D -- Do Not Bill

N -- No Charge

O -- Additional Charge

Hope that helps.

Terri Olson (TimeMatters/BillingMatters/HotDocs CIC) Olson Legal Consulting Tallahassee, FL (850) 445-8669
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Jwyatt replied on Mon, Apr 13 2009 8:54 PM

I believe you are on the exact right track.  First of all the Bill Status is the field name for what you see on the form as "Charge status" so you are in the right place.  Secondly, you are correct that you can only input one letter.  This one letter corresponds to the text you see.  For example, entering B will make the billing item "billable".  D will change it to "do not bill".  Those are the only ones I have worked with but test and see if changing one to "N" makes it No Charge.  We use this all the time for different purposes, usually write offs.  Use the Replace Field function.


Jeff Wyatt
Abilene TX

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