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TM9 and HD2008 zip code variable drops the leading zero

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DSwinton Posted: Fri, May 1 2009 7:54 PM

I am new to hotdocs and created a template mapping address fields between TM9 and HD2008. All merges fine but for the zip code.  Most zip codes in NJ start with a zero. That leading 0 is being dropped. I have the variable as text, not number.

How can I keep that leading zero? I can't find the answer in help or google.

Thank you.

Dan Swinton

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This is a known "feature" in the Time Matters/HotDocs link.

You will need to test for the length of the value and, if it is less than 5, pad it with leading zeros.

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When you do mapping to Time Matters or link with template extensions, it is highly recommended that you create a dialog or dialogs to hold the mapped data and review it.  There are a number of circumstances where the resulting data may not be what you expect, zip codes with a leading zero (0) are one of those circumstances, but by no means the only Gotcha.

We recommend created a computation script that searches out all of the potentially troublesome imports and corrects them.  We then associate that script with a Dialog Element called a Script Link, and have the user push a Process Button during the interview after the import.


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