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GST and Total showing incorrectly

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Lisa Elliot Posted: Thu, May 14 2009 6:42 PM
I am running 9.20f PC Law Pro. When I run certain clients with multiple matters on the same bill, the GST and total amounts show up incorrectly - by as much as 6 or 7 cents. However, when I recreate the bill, print to editor or print to PDF, the amount shows up correctly, i.e., the amount that is posted to the ledger. This is most annoying as it means I have to check each individual balance. Otherwise, when the client pays, there is an overpayment of a few cents. As I run over 300 bills per month in a mass billing, it's incredibly time-consuming to have to check each balance. Does anyone know why this would be happening and what I can do to correct it?

Lisa Elliot, Pink Larkin Halifax, Nova Scotia

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I don't know if you've got this resolved yet but I see you've had not had replies yet either.

Can I clarify that the "pre-bill" shows incorrectly or the final bill?  As the amounts on templates are tokens and add up on the Total Due token, this is a very unusual occurance of the tally. I might attribute that some small items that might be migrating from copytrack or a similar program may askew or make the bill seem out of kilter as a result of the last count, but of course once printed the amount would finalize and correct itself through.

May I also suggest that a full backup, run maintenance and an update to the latest version in version 9.0 also would be prudent. Perhaps your IT people could run the update for you over the weekend.

I know this is a big process for your size of firm, but some issues you may be having may be checked off as a result.

Good luck.

Elizabeth Gauthier, McM, CIC PCLaw solution provider since 1997! PCLegal Consulting Services &Training (1998) BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba Canada Toll Free 866.747.2529 Calgary direct 403.203.2526 Direct 306.529-7878 cell

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