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Data Lost

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Samantha Killick-Maxton Posted: Mon, May 25 2009 7:39 PM
Hello all, been a while since I have been here but I've run into a sticky situation.

I have a huge answer file ... with almost 300 repeats and then repeats within those repeats ... fun huh?

That answer file then got duplicated so that two users could work on it at the same time. Its not the way I wanted to do it but unfortunately the users didn't talk to me about this specific case. 

Answer file 1 is happy and healthy.

Answer file 2 decided to delete all of one field. Unfortunately its the field holding names. Now I've looked through the whole system to ensure that I didn't somehow over write the data however anything over writing SLPurchName is forbidden and has been since day one and I couldn't find anything. And meanwhile Answer file one is fine even though its going through the same processes that Answer file two is going through.

It is highly unlikely (more likely that I have an errant code that I haven't found so now I'm looking at the unlikely) however has anyone had an issue with large answer files like this losing data or just generally being cranky?

Thank you for your input
Samantha Jane Killick-Maxton
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Answer files can get CORRUPTED if two people try to access it at the same time.  That said, if the answer file is in .ANX format, you can open it in Notepad.exe and make corrective edits. If the file is in .ANS format, you need to open the answer file and do a SaveAs.ANX before you do the edit.

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