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Steve Stockstill Posted: Tue, Jun 23 2009 9:40 PM
SharpShooter is packed with a suite of diagnostic tests, reports, analytics and custom tools to help keep your Time Matters system running smoothly.  SharpShooter is the only tool available to keep your Time Matters database optimized to it's fullest potential.

SharpShooter is perfect for judging the status of your database tables after a new import or forming a baseline for ongoing diagnostics. Whether you need to solve an existing problem or desire a proactive approach to maintaining your critical data, "SharpShooter is the solution".

We are continuously adding new diagnostics, performance tests, reports and utilities. SharpShooter currently has over 20 diagnostics and grows with each service release.
  • Partially Added Records
  • Blank System Identifiers
  • Null Column Values
  • Automatic Relationships
  • Specified Relationships
  • Cross-linked Records
  • Extended Record Integrity
  • Linked Lookup Integrity
  • Missing Document Files
  • Unprofiled Document Check
  • Invalid Email Attachments
  • Invalid Web Research
  • Orphaned Form Styles
  • Orphaned Users
  • Excessive Temporary Tables
  • Duplicate Indexes
  • Untrimmed Space
  • Keyword Usage
  • Billing Transaction to Detail
  • Transaction Details to  Billing Records
  • Archived Records With the Follow Flag Enabled
  • Exchange Sync Database Impact Status

    Please feel free to read more detail on our web site.
In addition to this suite of diagnostics SharpShooter's Form Style Manager saves countless hours of time when reviewing your Form Style field level options. All fields' options are displayed simultaniously for quick review of detailed settings like "required","audit", "linked lookup to", etc. It has been said this feature alone is worth the price of the product.

Our Database Analysis Reports provide statistical details for your Time Matters database and database tables including: database (and log) disk space, backup status, table disk space usage, table row counts and more.

To purchase SharpShooter contact your Time Matters CIC to see if they are an authorized SharpShooter consultant. Otherwise you can purchase directly from Data Equity.

Steve Stockstill
Data Equity LLC,

The Time Matters Add-on Developers
MobileTM, SharpShooter, History Auditor and GuestOffice

Steve Stockstill
Data Equity LLC,

The Time Matters add-on developers...
MobileTM, SharpShooter, GuestOffice, GoogleConnect 4TM and OfficeManager 4TM

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