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Negative A/R Balance on Receivables by Client Report

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R&D Admin Posted: Mon, Aug 24 2009 7:42 PM

I am the new firm administrator and am in the process of cleaning up some PCLaw issues.  One has baffled me - there is a (very, very) old matter which shows a negative A/R balance on the receivables report.  When I run the client ledger I see that the fee was billed and paid.  A zero A/R balance shows on the client ledger, not a negative balance.  Any suggestions?

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It sounds like the payment was never actually applied to the invoice, so the payment is considered a general retainer and the invoice is still open.
In the new version of PCLaw I believe there is an option to apply the general retainer. In older versions you might need to go back to the payment and apply it.
It is also possible that the database needs a utility run against it to fix the problem but I would first try to get the payment applied.


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Anytime there is a discrepency in balance the first thing to do is run some database maintenance.  There are 2 types that might work when you have different balances showing.  1.  For either PCLaw or PCLaw Pro to Tools>Verify Data Integrity and on the right hand side the last button "Reset Matter Bals" > select your Matter and "OK"  2.  If you are not using SQL and that doesn't work, you should run the Verify Data Integrity by selecting the boxes in the Verify Data Integrity window, and "OK" (this should be done regularly and best to perform it on the server).  If you are using SQL, you may have to run a seperate indexer on the server for your tables.


Patty Davidson, CIC

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