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Re: Is it possible to use a newsreader on the new forums?

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Tom Caffrey Posted: Fri, Jun 23 2006 9:04 PM

If I understand your issue correctly, when using the Time Matters Newsreader click on one of the 'Provider Headines' on the top right side, your should see the detail of the post in the bottom portion of the screen. When you get all grey in the detail section, try to expand the amount of screen space allocated to the detail section by dragging the double arrow towards the top. (the double arrow appears when your pointer traverses across the boundary).



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I think I know what Neil is describing.  I too get a gray screen instead of the actual posts if I am set to view threads instead of flat screen and trying to read via the TM newsreader.  When I changed my profile to default to flat screen I can see the posts just fine.

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