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Re: Posting problem when Refunding to client

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Jeff Wyatt Posted: Thu, Aug 10 2006 4:30 PM

Thanks for the response Karen. No, we have already ran and posted a bill on the particular event I am investigating and there has been no change to the balance of the Undeposited Payments account.


Your comment made me experiment some more and I deleted the deposit, pmt, and refund then re-did the process. I am not certain how it was done the first time but the this time I applied the payment leaving the unapplied amount, then did the deposit, then did the refund. The reposting of this fixed the problem for this payment/refund. It is possible but not certain that the first time we may have cut the refund check before completing the deposit.

Jeff Wyatt
McMahon Law Firm
Abilene, Texas
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