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Issues synchronizing TM9E ToDos to Outlook 2007 Tasks

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KHarper Posted: Wed, Feb 3 2010 5:42 PM

I have been experimenting with synchronizing TM9E to Outlook 2007 (and synchronizing OL2007 to my Windows 6 mobile phone pocket outlook), instead of using the Outlook CE Synch in TM9E.  The contact synch goes much faster, once it is set up the first time; and the calendar seems to synch fine, but I have a problem with ToDos/Tasks.


During the day, I either mark as done, or postpone to a later date, many ToDos in TM.  Then, at the end of the day, when doing my synch, for some reason TM believes it should DELETE the updated item from TM rather than CHANGING the corresponding entry in OL.  In contrast, as near as I can tell, when I update an Event in TM, it makes the appropriate change in the OL Calendar.

Has anyone experienced a similar problem, and how did you get the ToDo/Task synch to work correctly?

This is of interest to me because we may move to having an Exchange SErver on our network this year, and I may want to go to the realtime TM/Exchange Server synch.

Kurt Harper Attorney Wichita, KS
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