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Write Off Time on Matters

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Hassan Maje Posted: Wed, May 12 2010 12:24 PM

Partner wants to know if unbilled time on matters that will never be billed can be written off and how in PCLaw.

I can see that one can reset to Hold or Never bill time entries but does this change have to be done entry by entry? Also, such time still appears as WIP under WIP report (unless held entries are excluded) and also Client Ledgers and other reports/areas including the Matter Manager. The other way I am thinking is to change each entry by removing matter allocations making it NBW 'matter-less' entries.

What policy do other firms adopt and how do they do it in Pclaw?


Hassan Maje Anjarwalla & Khanna PCLawPro Ver 9.10d, Accounting Method: Accruals
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You cannot "write something off" if it has not been "written on", i.e., billed.

Since I cannot imagine that the firm wants to "remove" the time entry and thus deprive the record of the time the attorney spent (but did not earn the firm any income) there are two scenarios:

1) Generate a bill, then Change/Write Off that bill so the fee credit on the bill is offset by a fee credit reversal, or

2) Global Time Change the rate on all of the Time Entries for the Matter to 0.00 and then bill it. Since there will be no A/R created, there is no need to Change/Write Off.

The goal is to preserve the hours incurred by the attorney so that their Productivity (Income/Hours) can be calculated accurately.

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We tell our clients to never use that write down feature in PCLaw because it leaves the items as "unbilled" and they still show on WIP reports, etc.  Instead, what we train, is to generate a bill on the matter where you have the time, change the amount billed to zero, which produces an invoice for zero properly allocated to the working attorneys.  No need to go change the time entries to zero rate. 

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