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Fee Income on Income Statement doesn't match Fees Paid on Receipt Allocation Report

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Scott CHJW Posted: Tue, Jul 6 2010 6:45 PM

Is there any way to reconcile the Fee Income on the Income Statement with the Fees Paid on Receipt Allocation Report?  I am trying to find a report to show what the fee income on the income statement consists of (i.e., which fees are allocated to which timekeepers) but have been unsuccessful.  I thought I could accomplish it using the Receipt Allocation report, but the totals of Fees Paid on that report do not match the Fee Income totals from the Income Statement for the same time frame.  Am I missing something?  Is there another report I can use to accomplish this?

I'm using TM/BM Enterprise 9.0.  Windows XP Operating system.  I have worked with Tech Support on this but they could not find a solution either.

Scott Rubino

Church, Harris, Johnson & Williams, P.C.

Great Falls, MT

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Jwyatt replied on Wed, Jul 7 2010 10:06 AM

Using version 7 I checked our data and saw what you were talking about.  I narrowed an occurence down to one day where the Receipt Allocation Report and the Income statement were different.  In our case the difference was due to the Receipt Allocation Report showing a partial payment of an invoice as a Fee Paid while the Income Statement did not record it as income.  Checking the Balance Sheet showed that for that day, the amount was parked in the Suspense Account.  That behavior is probably a proper compromise.

In our case the Receipt Allocation Report is what we use to produce the reports you are needing data for.  I am comfortable with the data it produces and any timing variance with the Income Statement does not bother me since in our case it is small and there is an explanation for the difference.

If there were a large difference, I would track it down to reassure myself and perhaps footnote the report.  The way I would track it down is to run both reports for a day at a time and find the day with the big discrepancy.  Then run a GL report for Fees Earned for that day and compare it to the Reciept Allocation Report Using the Sort Option, "Client".  You can then go to that matter and look at that payment and see why the Income Statement is treating it one way and the RAR another.

Jeff Wyatt
Abilene TX

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