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How to maintain TM 10 Window positions

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Ken Brown Posted: Mon, Jul 19 2010 2:09 PM


We have dual monitor workstations and like to set up the main TM window in a certain size and position the right monitor.  Within TM we like to have the Matters, Calendar and Contact widows arranged in specific size and location to facilitate displaying the information we like to see and moving between windows with the mouse and not having to resize or obscure other windows.

It is relatively ease to set any window position.  The main TM window position seems to be remembered for the next TM session.  However, the size and position of windows within the TM window so not seem to be maintained across sessions, well sometimes they are but mostly they are not..

Does anyone know how to consistently control the window size and position with TM so we don't have to keep resizing/repositioning at each (or many) sessions?.


Ken Brown Dunn and Dunn Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
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