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Outlook 2003 and TM 10 Calendar

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Marc P. Schwartzbach Posted: Thu, Jul 29 2010 4:33 PM

I have switched to a Blackberry 8530 and was advised that it is necessary to sync. from TM to Outlook and then Outlook to my Blackberry.  All is working fine, except when my schedule in TM is a day "Off" I show that as a 8am-8pm day.  In Outlook this defaults  to a "Show Time As "Busy."  When I sync it to Outlook, it (Outlook) considers 8am-8pm a "Busy" day.  The sync to the Blackberry makes the "Busy" day show as red in my calendar.  I would like to have it show green, so that I know when looking at the monthly calendar I have available time.  A day of work is "Busy" as it should be.  If I don't put a time in for a free day, no color coding will show.  How can I make outlook accept an "Off" day as "Free" and not "Busy."  Can something be set in TM?

Any work around or suggestions?

Thanks for any advice.

Marc P. Schwartzbach, Esq. Westfield, New Jersey 07090
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It sounds as though you are scheduling a 12-hour Event in Time Matters for any day that is a day off. If instead you entered an Event for 8:00 - 8:15 (or even an Event with zero duration) with a Description: Day Off, you would be able to see whether any given day is a day off.

What do you want to accomplish by having your Day Off be a 12 hour Event? Is it perhaps that you want a Conflict message to appear if you or someone else tries to schedule something for your day off? If that is your goal, you have a problem. I don't believe you can have an Event in Time Matters for 12 hours so as to cause Conflict messages and also have that same Event display as something other than Busy in Outlook. This is not a Time Matters feature or something that Time Matters could be programmed to change. It is an Outlook feature. If Outlook imports an Event, then that Event makes its time in Outlook "Busy." Same with BlackBerry. I don't think you can tell BlackBerry that some Events from Outlook should be colored red and others green.

Within Time Matters there is almost also a feature, or at least a work-around, to accomplish anything you want. But that control within Time Matters does not necessarily extend to controlling the results of synchronization with other applications. There the Time Matters is limited by the interface to the other programs.

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