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SP5 -- Two sets of books created

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Marcus A. Roland Posted: Sat, Dec 4 2010 9:42 PM

I just updated PCLaw with SP5.  The server update went fine and, actually, so did the second work-station update.  It's just that now the second work-station shows two sets of books.  They seem to be identical and the directories they point to are the same, they are just typed differently (one is pointed to T:\ and the other is pointed to \\server\tm which is the same location because it is mapped to the T: drive).  This is harmless, isn't it?  Any way to remove one of them from the start-up menu?

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Go to Program Files | LexisNexis | PCLaw | Local Data | PCLaw.cfg.

Open with Notepad. Save As PCLaw1.cfg.

Delete all text below the first instance of: OnlineStatus=1

Save As PCLaw.cfg.

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This is a frequent occurrence when updating PCLaw at a workstation.  It can be annoying and most people just leave it in the list.  If you want to hide it, you can do so by locating the PCLaw.cfg file at the workstation.  If you accepted a default installation, you can locate it at C:\Program Files|LexisNexis\PCLaw\LocalData. 

I am providing these instructions because you advise that both paths are pointing to the same location.  If you were running two different data sets, you would not perform this function.

Highlight the PCLaw.cfg file, right click to Copy and then right click again to Paste to make a backup.

When you double click to open the file, select Notepad from the Programs list. 

You should see [Books-1] and [Books-2], hence the two data sets in the start-up menu.  DO NOT DELETE ANY LINES OF TEXT IN THIS FILE.  Go to [Books-2] and put a ; (semi-colon) in front of the bracket before the B so it looks like this ;[Books-2].  Click File > Save and then exit.

When you restart PCLaw, you should only see one set of books.

Hope this helps.


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