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Repeated Dialog problem - TM9 & HD2010

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Martina Donagher Posted: Wed, Feb 16 2011 5:26 AM

We recently upgraded to HotDocs 2010 and since then we've had a problem with a template which uses a repeated dialog (in conjunction with Time Matters 9).

The template is an Invoice and the Repeat asks for various items of expenditure.  We assemble this through Time Matters and it had been working perfectly using HotDocs 6.2.  Initially after upgrading to HD2010, the repeated dialog was not being asked at all on assembly.  I noticed the setting "Warn when unanswered" was unchecked so I checked this box.  The first Invoice I assembled after that asked me for the items of expenditure and assembled just fine but when I went to re-assemble the Invoice (to add further expenditure), it did not ask the Dialog at all and assembled the Invoice with the items I had previously listed. It's like it remembered I answered the question before so it didn't give me the option to edit or add to my earlier answers.  The variables within the Repeated Dialog are set to "Save in Answer file" which is the same setting as was in HD6.2.

Is there a new setting in HD2010 that I'm missing?  Incidentally, the Repeated Dialog works fine in HotDocs on its own, it's like it's "talking" differently to Time Matters.



Martina Donagher,

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