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Phone recommendations for TM sync

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Lee R. Posted: Tue, Sep 27 2011 12:09 PM

Years ago I thought that one of the best features of TM was its ability to easily and directly sync with my Palm PDA. It was one of my prime reasons for buying the program. Over the past few years I have missed being able to do that with my Blackberry Storm. I am about to get a new smart phone. Are there any that will sync directly to TM without going through the hassle of first syncing TM with Outlook (which I do not use)?

Any Android recommendations?

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Wells Anderson, J.D, CIC replied on Wed, Sep 28 2011 4:34 PM

Mobile phone synchronization is a rare exception in the tech world: It has become more problematic and less powerful over time. Palm synchronization was a high watermark. It is a true shame that Palm failed to capitalize on their old, dominant market position. Today, the market is split into lots of incompatible pieces. For example, Microsoft does not even support synchronizing Outlook with their own, latest phone!

The only direct synchronization with a current smartphone is the BlackBerry, but you may run into OS compatibility issues and the native BlackBerry app for Time Matters doesn't measure up to the old Palm sync.

We are recommending that people interested in checking their calendars, making phone calls and sending e-mail from a smartphone using Time Matters Contact and Calendar information use Time Matters Mobility. It will support the Calendar function within a month or two. The TM Mobility approach is simple and trouble-free, so long as you are within cell phone range. There is no synchronization. You access your information directly and securely. You can dial phone numbers, click to send e-mails and, soon, check your Calendar. You can add and update Contacts, Matters, and soon Events, though the fields are limited. You can add Billing records that can be sent to PCLaw and other linked billing programs or updated in Billing Matters.

I believe the best smartphone for use with Time Matters is the iPhone. I will be replacing my Verizon Droid with the iPhone 5, which should be announced within the next week or so. Deliveries should follow closely on the heels of the announcement.

If you want actual Time Matters synchronization, you need to synchronize using Outlook or MS Exchange. You can subscribe to a hosted MS Exchange service and run Time Matters Exchange Synchronization to make the updating automatic. You don't need to install MS Outlook. But that synchronization can occasionally have problems and we recommend against making it bi-directional. The options for Outlook and MS Exchange synchronization with Time Matters are too many and deep to present here.

For more information, see our article and outlines:

Caution: Synchronization is a moving target. Don't rely on a single opinion when investigating issues of compatibility.

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Caren Schwartz replied on Wed, Sep 28 2011 5:15 PM

I use an Android with Touchdown installed. I have Hosted exchange so Time Matters syncs automatically to exchange and everything shows up in Outlook and automatically in my Android phone without my having to sync.

Please note that at this time I am syncing one way, due to some formatting issues in the way phone numbers synced to outlook that really annoyed me. 


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