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"Delete" a specified relation

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Jennifer Ahrens Posted: Mon, Jan 9 2012 3:44 PM

We have a tab set up for each matter that pulls in all of the email records that have been saved to the matter. How do we remove/delete a specified relation on an email record? We've got an email record showing up in a matter that it does not belong in. We can tell that someone specified (by mistake) that this email to be related to this matter because when we click “off” the “Automatic” button and leaving only “Specified” "on" this is the only email that shows up.


How do we delete/break this relation so that this email will not appear in the tab anymore WITHOUT deleting the email from originating matter?

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Simply act as if you want to delete the record from the related tab on the matter. This should then ask  you if you want to break the relationship or if you want to delete the record or both.

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