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Adding Multiple Addresses to a bill layout in TM

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Claudia Darmofal Posted: Thu, Mar 22 2012 10:42 PM

I need to create a bill template that allows me to list multiple persons on a single invoice.  Billing Preferences only allows me to choose one field for the bill to address and send a copy to  second (but the copy doesn't have both addresses - just a single 2nd address is prepared.  I also tried adding 2 addresses to Matter Area 6 but it didn't work.  

I have made a copy of our master bill template and renamed it, to reference multiple addresses. 

've added a field to this template that I found in matters called "Billto: address 2" but  I can't find where it would pull this data from.  

I've tried searching around and came up empty.  

Anyone know? 


Claudia M. Darmofal

Needham, MA

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Jwyatt replied on Fri, Mar 23 2012 8:27 AM

I dont' see the field Billto:Address 2 in my version.  We use a different solution.  We made a bill layout where the entire address section is one large box and pulls its data from Msg_1 custom.  You then go to Billing Preferences, Choose the Message tab, click custom message box, enter the addresses in the custom message box. Consider using the format

 Original to:

Name 1


 City 1, State1 zip1

Copy to:

Name 2



It is designed to accept 2 or 3 addresses in this manner.  Whatever you type in the message box will be flow to the address area on your invoice. I don't recall if it will grow or shrink with more or fewer.

The only drawback to this is that if you ever have an address change you have to remember to go change the Message since the address fields in the matter or client is not where the info is being pulled from.

Jeff Wyatt
Abilene, Texas

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You can have a second address related to the matter and then create a bill layout that pulls in the information from the matter record. It's not hard and would only take a few minutes. 


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