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Matter report to include Notes

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Jennifer Ahrens Posted: Fri, Apr 27 2012 12:00 AM

I'd like to create a report that pulls in various fields from the Matter form and also pulls in the Notes with a certain code  that have been saved to the Matter.

I run an advanced search on my matters list, and then click the Print button to open up the Report Specification window. I have a Format already created for the report.  I click over to the "Additonal" tab and check the box for "Notes" and set my options accordingly and preview the report.

How can I format how the Notes are displayed on the report? I only want the Description and Memo field to appear on the report. Right now the Notes get pulled into the report showing the date and time, staff, code, description, matter no., matter ref, status and memo fields with a bracket around the Notes area.

Is there a way to change how the Note are displayed on the report?

Would it be better to do this through the Formattable Clipboard (if its even possible)?

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Jennifer, no way to change the Note view in the Matter with related records report.

If you only need a few fields from the Matter, you can Field Link then into the User Area of the Note Form and run you report from the Notes List.


You could have a custom Powerview designed.

The Clipboard for Matters does not support Notes as a Related form type and probably would be hard to format the way you want.

Good luck with your project.




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