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Add in's not working due on windows 7 du to security issues

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Darlene Posted: Tue, Aug 21 2012 10:28 AM

We are using TM 10 and  converting from xp to windows 7.  We installed TM 10 on the new win 7 computer and everything went smooth.  We can see the data which is stored on a network server.  The problem is the TM connect button and TM save button in all the third party software doesn't work.  In outlook it doesn't do anything when selected.  I tried going into workstation setup but I get an integration error message when trying to check and uncheck the tabs to link it.  The problem is this is a government facility and I don't have admin rights on the system.  We tryed having the admin person run it as admin by right clicking on it but he doesn't have rights to the share folder the system is stored on and they will not grant him rights to the share folder.  So he can log into the computer but not TM.  I'm trying to see if their is a back door option to link the third party software without using the admin option. 



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If you could have a system administrator open Time Matters on your computer using the option Run as Administrator, the links could then be activated. You would not necessarily have to have administrative rights to run Time Matters after that and have the links work. As far as the Shared File Directory goes, each Time Matters user needs Read/Write rights to that folder, but not Full Control rights.

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