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All users getting kicked out of Time Matters v10

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Richard J Erickson Posted: Tue, Oct 16 2012 8:34 PM

I have a client who has reported that periodically throughout the day all users of Time Matters get logged off, and I'm trying to help them figure this out. The audit log reflects that they were logged off, but doesn't indicate an abnormal condition (i.e. it looks like they naturally logged off). I'm wondering what other logs might be available on the server side that could  shed some light on this, or any other ideas you might have. With appreciation.

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What version of Time Matters?

There is no server side component of Time Matters so you will not find anything there.  

Here are some odd questions:

1. Is everyone using a different log on and password? Are they entering it each time they open Time Matters or is it auto-saved?

2. Do you ever run out of licenses? Any chance a user is clearing other users?

3. Are you using terminal services or some other related service?

4. Any other network related issues? In the past Time Matters had issues with crashing and then leaving the license as logged in. Time Matters was altered to try to minimize this. It could be that Time Matter thinks when someone is logging on, they had previously crashed so it clears that previous crash. I have not looked at this in a few years, but if I recall correctly Time Matter used to try to store the mac address or some other indicator. It may be that field is blank for everyone so it thinks they are all the same. This is a shot in the dark.

best chance, is to track the time and data and see who was logging on to make everyone log out.


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