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Marketing by Connecting to Groups

Sep 13, 2012 05:17 PM by
Larry Bodine
Larry Bodine
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LinkedIn is a powerful social media platform that attorneys can leverage to achieve real business results — from increasing referrals and driving traffic to the firm's website to demonstrating a lawyer's expertise in a specific area of law.

For instance, starting a "Group" on LinkedIn is a simple, yet powerful networking tactic that can enable an attorney to market a firm to a wider audience. This was just one of the topics of discussion presented by legal industry analyst and author Ari Kaplan at the recent LexisNexis® LEXPO networking and marketing event. Ari is a lawyer, legal industry analyst and author of the new book Reinventing Professional Services:  Building Your Business in the Digital Marketplace. 

View this video to learn how your firm can benefit from starting a LinkedIn Group: 

Like this post? Watch Ari Kaplan’s video from earlier this week on Marketing by Making Connections Online. Look for the next video from Ari Kaplan next week. Topic: Making Introductions.

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    # Larry Bodine Law Marketing Blog said on 05 October, 2012 06:14 AM  

    YouTube is a potent marketing tool for attorneys. For example, when Ari Kaplan goes to conferences, he records short interviews of prospective clients he meets. Ari uses the video recording function on his iPhone, and uploads the videos online. "Self

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