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LegalTech NY Discussion: Conquering Your Fear with Low-Risk Social Media [video]

May 01, 2013 03:04 PM by
Amy Kovar
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Another one of the barriers that stands in the way of many lawyers taking the plunge into social media is their fear of what will happen if they offer an opinion about a legal matter in an online forum.

Our experts tackled this fear head-on during our LegalTech New York 2013 panel — "Taming the Wild West of Social Media: The Secrets of Social Media Success in the Legal Profession" — and suggested a low-risk way for lawyers to dip their toes into the water of social media.

"One of the risks that attorneys see with participating in social media is that you will gain an unwanted client entanglement," said Larry Bodine, Esq., editor in chief of Lawyers.comSM and martindale.com®. "But I can tell you from my research there is no ethics opinion, court ruling or judgment involving a legal question that was asked and answered online, and resulted in someone claiming the person who gave the advice was acting as their attorney."

Bodine recommended that an easy way for lawyers to conquer their fears about being misinterpreted as dispensing legal counsel in social media is to get involved in an online legal advice forum such as  the Ask A Lawyer feature on Lawyers.com. The site itself protects lawyer participants from any exposure with its Terms of Service disclaimer making it clear to the thousands of consumers who use the site that any responses they receive are not to be construed as legal counsel.

You can view a short video segment of this piece of the panel discussion. Stay tuned next week for more details from the session.

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