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Family Law Attorney Leverages Mobile App to Win New Business

Mar 26, 2013 12:06 AM by
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C CruseWe recently spoke with Christine Cruse, a partner at The Law Office of Christine M. Cruse, P.C. in Warner Robins, Ga. about how using LexisNexis® Lead Alert, a free mobile application, helps her respond to leads quickly and win new business.

LexisNexis® Lead Alert allows you to receive real-time alerts on your mobile device when a potential client contacts you through your Lawyers.comSM profile, martindale.com® profile or LexisNexis-hosted website. The application is free to use, and allows you to respond directly to a lead with just a few touches of your screen.

LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell: Could you briefly describe your law practice to me?

Christine M. Cruse: I'm a sole practitioner, focusing on family law. I've been a sole practitioner since October 2011 and I've been in private practice for nine years.

LNMH: Which LexisNexis marketing tools and services do you use other than Lead Alert?

CMC: I just decided to use LexisNexis for our website. We're still in the early stages of building it, but hopefully it will be up and running soon. And I have profiles on martindale.com and Lawyers.com.

LNMH: You're using the LexisNexis Lead Alert mobile application. If an attorney was unfamiliar with Lead Alert, how would you describe it?

CMC: It is an application that allows you to monitor both what's going on in your office (as far as response time of addressing new clients) and the effectiveness of your marketing techniques.

I live by my iPhone and my iPad, and Lead Alert is a great tool to monitor my office and how we are attending to new calls that come into the office. I can see not only the calls that are coming in, but also the duration of those calls and if we're actually answering those calls. I love being able to monitor that and see what we can do to improve upon what we are already doing.

LNMH: How long have you been using Lead Alert?

CMC: About a year. I learned about it from a LexisNexis marketing email.

LNMH: How has it helped you prioritize and respond to leads?

CMC: Leads arrive during the day, at nights and even on weekends. With divorce cases, if someone is angry over the weekend and thinking, "I need a divorce right now," they'll search for local lawyers and email me. I can respond immediately from my phone, even though our office is closed, and tell them that someone will call first thing Monday.

LNMH: What kind of volume do you get on the average week?

CMC: Eight to 12 leads.

LNMH: What particular aspects of the service are most useful?

CMC: If a lead comes in and I'm in court, I can forward it to my staff so they can respond immediately.

LNMH: In your practice, it seems that response time is critical because if you're not responding quickly to a potential client, another lawyer will.

CMC: Absolutely. Another lawyer will respond and the prospect will go with that attorney. That's the best benefit of Lead Alert. We're able to monitor and respond to leads on a minute-by-minute basis.

Another feature I like is the remind-me-later feature. I can tell Lead Alert to remind me to follow up in 30 minutes, one hour, two hours or one day.

LNMH: What kind of impact has Lead Alert had on your practice? Are there clients you know you've gotten because of Lead Alert?

CMC: Absolutely. I've had prospects contact me on weekends and I've responded quickly. They've later told me that the fast response meant a lot to them. They can't believe that they sent an inquiry at 1 a.m. and got a response in a few seconds (since I never sleep these days).

LNMH: Taking a step back to talk about your other marketing efforts, is all of your marketing online these days? Do you do anything that would be considered traditional marketing?

CMC: No, I've jumped ship on traditional marketing. I was previously at a firm that believed in the Yellow Pages — I think the firm spent $68,000 a year on Yellow Pages alone. I always said, "This is becoming obsolete, we don't need to do this." Since I've been in practice on my own, I've just used online marketing and it's made a tremendous difference.

We're using LexisNexis plus social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and a few other things. We try to do a little market research when a client comes in and ask how they found us. Unfortunately, they'll just say "online" or "Google." One thing I like about LexisNexis is that when a prospective client calls us through a LexisNexis site, we hear a "This call is from Lawyers.com" announcement before connecting with the individual.

LNMH: That's a good way to ensure you're getting a good return on your investment.

CMC: It is. We include the information on our "PC" or potential client sheets. So if a prospect calls in and the staff hears the announcement, they know to indicate it's a Lawyers.com lead, so we can quantify where the lead came from.

LNMH: And to bring this back to Lead Alert, which is another way of tracking the source of potential clients.

CMC: Exactly.

To learn more, visit the LexisNexis Lead Alert webpage or contact a LexisNexis Law Firm Marketing Specialist.

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