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Create a Better Website “Contact Us” Form to Connect with Clients

May 02, 2013 01:39 PM by
Donald Rohan
Donald Rohan
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Getting potential clients to contact your firm is a critical first step to turning them into actual clients. Yet law firms have widely divergent views on the use of contact forms on websites. Not all firms value such forms, preferring to communicate initially by phone. Contact forms often become targets for spam.

However, personal communications devices have changed habits to the point where many people want to make the first contact online, rather than in person or with a phone call. Even if you would rather communicate with clients on the phone, that might not be the way your clients prefer to first communicate with you.

Effective use of contact forms on your website home page can help ensure that clients can reach you the way they prefer. Here are a few tips for creating the right types of forms:

Keep things simple

Simplicity works. Google swallowed the search engine market by offering the simplest possible interface for users. If your contact form requires more than five fields, it starts to resemble a test. You need to get potential clients'contact information in the easiest, quickest way possible. A name, email address, phone number, and brief case description should be enough.  

It's a much better investment to make the initial connection as simple as possible. You can determine the merits of the prospect's case in a meeting or telephone conversation, rather than turning potential clients off by creating barriers to that initial engagement. It's your job to figure out whether to take the case, not the potential client's job to explain it.

Location, location, location

Home-page real estate is a valuable commodity, and a contact form should not distract from the key message you are sending. Many firms are choosing to put the contact form in a tab or ribbon that will expand to the full contact form when it's clicked. Click here for an example. If you do this, make sure that the positioning is high on the page and that the color is such that it stands out.

If you prefer to use the traditional contact form on your home page, you don't need to give it prime real estate. Midway down the page on one side should work, or possibly even lower. However, be sure that the page is designed so that once the viewer sees your main message, their eyes will naturally move to that spot, rather than a different page.

Twist the headline

A bankruptcy firm in Georgia attracts contact-form engagment by changing the headline to "Free Case Evaluation." Take a look at this variation. If you would like contact-form submissions to increase, try to come up with something more catchy than "Contact Us."

"Free" is a word that automatically draws attention, and the arrow brings viewers into the form without being obtrusive on the page.

To learn more about how to effectively attract clients and to get a free Website Evaluation and Consultation, contact a LexisNexis Law Firm Marketing Specialist.

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