Key Results: 2013 Law Firm Website Conversion Study

In today's crowded legal industry, a law firm's website has only seconds to engage visitors. In those first few moments, consumers will evaluate your ability to practice law and help them with their issue based on the quality of your website.

LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell® sponsored the "2013 Law Firm Website Conversion Study" to determine which website elements motivate consumers to contact a law firm, and to flag the features that would drive them away.

This current study captures participants' positive feedback on both newer elements (such as blogs, videos and social media), and more established best practices first explored in a 2011 study (e.g., projecting a professional image, showcasing experience, and displaying contact information prominently). The 2013 study also features feedback on what turns off participants (e.g., websites that seem too commercial, feature lackluster design or use polarizing images).

Download key results from the study to learn more.

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