Interview: Bodine & Greenberg on Travel-Related Legal Issues [Part 1]

Noted travel journalist Peter Greenberg interviews Editor-in-Chief Larry Bodine on CBS radio. Bodine and Greenberg discuss some common legal concerns for travelers, including:

  • The legal information you should gather before taking a cross-country road trip or visiting an out-of-town beach
  • How the U.S. Embassy or Consulate can and cannot help you if you're arrested in a foreign country or a crime victim while abroad
  • Why you should consider carrying two wallets on your next trip
  • The potential problems with car-sharing and ride-sharing services

Greenberg's radio show reaches more than 3 million listeners who are affluent enough to travel and may one day need to hire an attorney — whether for travel-related problems or unrelated legal issues.

Click "Download Resource" to listen to part 1; don't miss the rest of the advice in part 2.

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