LexisNexis® Company Dossier

This text tutorial introduces LexisNexis® Company Dossier. It will review some of the many features that make searching for company and industry intelligence easier than ever.


LexisNexis® Company Dossier opens with the Company Dossier due diligence form as the home page. Tabs at the top of the home page help you easily navigate from one research task to the next. You can conduct company due diligence research, generate company lists, pull industry and market data, and more. Each tab includes a search form that provides a robust selection of sources and search options such as searching by company name, subject matter, person’s name and date.

Support for LexisNexis® Company Dossier is easily accessible. At the top of the home page, select the Help link for quick answers to your questions.

Conducting Due Diligence Research.

At the home page, use the Company Dossier "Find a Company" form to compile a comprehensive profile of a specific company, including key business and financial data, current events, litigation, and intellectual property information.

To begin your research, simply enter a company name or ticker symbol in the appropriate form fields. For a more specific search, you can also enter additional information on the form such as company type, city, state, province and country. Depending on the company, the report may include many locations and/or subsidiaries. For a more specific search, you can enter additional information such as city or state. If you check the Headquarters option, the report includes only the company headquarters, not additional locations such as field offices or retail locations. When you have entered all your search criteria, select the Find button to generate the company report.

The report opens to on a “Snapshot” of the company. The Snapshot displays company contact information such as address and phone number as well as primary and secondary SIC and NAICS codes. Further down the page, it also includes a convenient at-a-glance overview of the company.

Each report includes a Reports section with links to additional company information. The "In the News" links display in-depth news coverage about your company, business publication reports on the company, marketing and product updates, and so on.

Select the Corporate Hierarchy link to identify corporate structure for corporations and their affiliations or subsidiaries.

The Financial Information link displays in-depth financials, detailed competitive information, updated stock data, and M and A activities. It also gives you access to analyst reports provided by the most prestige names in the business.

Use the Legal Information link to find recent U.S. and Commonwealth case law, Mealey’s Reports, and Martindale-Hubbell outside counsel documents.

The Intellectual Property Information link lets you pull up domestic and foreign patents, recent state, federal and international trademarks, and recent U.S. copyrights.

The References link provides source data information and the Custom Report link allows you to select specific information to print or download.

Generating Analyst Research Reports .

The Analyst Research form includes valuable analyst reports in addition to those found in Company Dossier. To access these reports, select the Analyst Research link on the home page.

On the Analyst Research search form, open the Sources dropdown to list the available reports. Select an individual report for your search or use the All analyst Reports option to include all the listed reports in your search.

To create your search, enter the company name in the Company Name field. In the Additional Terms field, enter any additional search terms to create a more precise search. You can also use the Specify Date field to select a date range.

When you are ready to run your search, select the Search button.

Creating Company Lists.

The Create a Company List form lets you generate company lists for prospecting, industry intelligence, analytics or procurement sourcing from LexisNexis Company Dossier sources. You can then download the lists to Microsoft Excel.

To create a company list, select the Create a Company List tab on the Company Dossier homepage. Use the form to specify the profile of the companies you want on your list. Your search looks for matching companies from a database of over 46 million companies. After you run the search, you can customize your results by adding various attributes to the list such as DUNS® number and executive names.

To get started at the search form, you can select the type of company, such as public, private and/or global. You can limit your list results to headquarters locations only by selecting the Headquarters option. In addition, you can limit your list to companies with revenue over a certain dollar amount or employee size. You can also select industries by SIC or NAICS codes. If you are unsure of which code to use, a list of codes is available from the form. To choose from the list, select either the SIC Lookup or NAICS Lookup link. Then to find a code, enter a search term or select a plus sign to expand the code list in more detail. To add the code to your search, select the OK button.

This concludes the LexisNexis Company Dossier tutorial.



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