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LexisNexis® Company Dossier

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Company Dossier

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LexisNexis® Company and Industry Dossier New and Redesigned Features

IMPROVED process for “Find a Company” searches
Streamlined process to find a specific company that is less cluttered and more simplistic.

EXPANDED company list query options and improved listing capabilities
More robust list building capabilities including the addition of list customization, which is extremely beneficial for lead generation functions.

ADDED the ability to sort results by any column
Rather than have to pull reports with a standard format, users can now sort results based on their specific needs.

EXPANDED print delivery options
Ability to package dossier reports and underlying LexisNexis® documents into a single print request that includes a table of contents and page numbers. In addition, users can now print custom or full LexisNexis Dossier reports in PDF or RTF format on the fly allowing for the quick presentation of key company and industry findings in an easy-to-read report.

NEW delivery manager
New delivery manager feature allows users to print underlying documents within a report at one time, by selecting, then specifying print and download preferences.

NEW ability to sort by primary NAICS Codes
Users can now develop deeper searches using NAICS codes, which means more targeted and more precise search results.

ENHANCED Secondary SIC code searches
With the addition of secondary SIC code look-ups, users can now fine-tune searches to the next level.

NEW company list preview
Now users can preview a small portion of their results before seeing the full list to be sure what they are getting is what they want.

ADDED list customization capability
Rather than a standard set of fields, users have the ability to designate exactly what will be represented in a final list pull based on their specific needs.

IMPROVED navigation
Reports now flow from top-to-bottom and tab-to-tab in a more intuitive fashion, making it easier for the user to navigate to the exact portion of the report that is important to them.

NEW transactional access
Users now have the ability to order LexisNexis Dossier reports on a transactional basis, which enables them to gain access to powerful company and industry reports.

IMPROVED location for vertical scroll allowing company name to always be visible
The scroll bar has been moved lower in the report so that the company name always appears at top of the report, allowing the user to always know what company report they are viewing.

ADDED ability to pick selected documents
Each article or document in a Dossier report will now have an icon next to it where the user can choose which document or article is visible with the report, providing greater command and customization capabilities.

NEW search and list history feature
For the first time, users have easy access to their historical/archive searches and lists builds, saving them time when needing to run reports on a periodic basis.

REORGANIZED Snapshot report
Redesigned layout of Snapshot report for easier user navigation and review.

REORGANIZED presentation of financial information
Lastly, the financial information page of the Dossier report is now organized in a more intuitive fashion to increase ease of readability.

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