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Legal Research Solutions for Correctional Facilities

Secure access to comprehensive and authoritative legal content

LexisNexis® provides cost-effective solutions developed to help correctional facilities meet the legal research needs of their inmates. LexisNexis is already helping corrections facilities throughout the country. Find out today what it can do for you.

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Legal Research in These Secure Formats:

  • External Hard Drive (EHD)

    The EHD gives you a portable, cost-effective alternative to provide inmates access to case law without the obligation to devote scarce resources to maintaining a traditional legal library. The LexisNexis EHD provides you with these great advantages: [read more]

    • State-specific content that can include Shepard's® Citations Service; federal and state cases; statutes and court rules; and leading analytical materials.
    • Easy-to-use material that is searchable, reducing inmate complaints.
    • Safe and economical by allowing you to operate completely offline, without the risks associated with Internet access.
    • Always current with easy-to-install quarterly updates that ensure inmates have the latest updates.
    • “Plug-and-play” simplicity through a USB 2.0 port allows you to quickly connect to or disconnect from your network or kiosk, eliminating special IT support.
  • Touch-Screen Kiosk

    The kiosk is a steel-encased, high-security solution with a simplified interface that allows users with little or no computer experience to easily navigate legal content. Benefits of the kiosk are: [read more]

    • Hardware, software, legal content, monitoring, maintenance and service are all included as part of the fixed monthly payment. Hardware lease and purchase options are available.
    • The kiosk includes tempered glass to minimize security risks and the touch-screen interface eliminates the need for a mouse or keyboard.
    • Operates as a closed system with no Internet connectivity.
    • Overhead costs for book replacements, copiers, administration time and litigation are drastically reduced.
    • Our broad kiosk product options vary to meet customer needs, complement the physical layout of your individual facility and work within your IT environment. Available installation options include: standalone desktop kiosks; wall-mounted kiosks; mobile kiosks or a networked kiosk; monitor terminal system with touch-screen keyboard and roller ball mouse; and mobile touch-screen unit and standalone touch-screen system (no server required).
  • Custom User Interface (CUI)

    Access to LexisNexis Internet-based products is through a CUI that meets specific security requirements. This restricts inmates to certain portions of the lexis.com® application and further enhances security. These enhancements include: [read more]

    • Hyperlinks to documents within your facility's LexisNexis subscription, but does not display an ability to access other websites.
    • Access is blocked to e-mail or "mailto" links within product Web pages.
    • Access must be from a specific IP address that meets security requirements.
  • Print Titles

    LexisNexis Matthew Bender® print titles offer traditional print libraries a wide variety of subject matter options. [read more]

    The LexisNexis collection features publications that bring authoritative and practical guidance to each critical stage of a case. This extensive collection offers comprehensive analysis and insight into every aspect of investigation, prosecution and defense of every type of criminal case. Choose from DUI, traffic law, forensic sciences, trial error and misconduct, entrapment, evidence, federal and state constitutional law, and more. With thousands of titles to choose from, you can ensure that your staff or your inmates have access to the legal research materials they need.

Most importantly, LexisNexis can help you reduce research costs and your risk of inmate litigation, while keeping you in compliance with constitutional mandates.

Plus, at no addition charge, you'll enjoy the training and superior customer service you can only get from LexisNexis.